A revolutionary solution for better employee engagement


An AI-powered online HR tool that quickly and easily matches employee traits and behavioural tendencies with job-role specific hiring needs.

Too many candidates

with similar background, qualifications and experience competing for the same job?

Uncertain whether

employee personality fits in with on-the-job situations?


if potential hire will complement or blend well with the organisation and team culture?

The Perfect Match!

TraitQuesting is your solution! It matches critical employee traits and behavioural tendencies to the pertinent job role. This perfect matching will ensure a higher probability of employee engagement and performance in the relevant job role applied for!

Awesome Features

TraitQuesting™ is the psychometric assessment arm of

Research-backed traits that have been shown to positively impact on-the-job performance

Instant and immediate feedback for candidates and graduates.

Intuitive score charts and online reports for candidates and key stakeholders.

Auto-collated, individualized selection results for employers and organizations.

Smart system to filter out employee profiles that are faked “good”.


A revolutionary solution for better employee engagement.

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Candidates / Those seeking employment

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TraitQuesting™ connects employers and hiring professionals with graduating students through AI-driven candidate matching and recruitment solutions. Now, you can...

Beyond traditional personality assessments and job search platforms, TraitQuesting™ also allows graduating students and candidates to

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